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Too good to be true

Ben Van Leeuwen

In this age of get-fit-quick schemes there are a mountain of products and fitness experts out there pedalling their latest gizmo that appears to be “too good to be true”. Well as the saying goes, “it more than often is”.

If you have stayed up past 12am in recent years you would have come across John Abdo and his Abdo Pro Product. Again his claims fall into the too good to be true basket – “In just minutes you can sculpt a rock hard mid-section, blah, blah, blah”.

Sorry John, no-one has ever got a good physique from sitting on a chair and rocking side to side while waving their arms about.

That’s right, nothing beats hard work, sensible eating patterns and a clear and direct goal. This leads me to the latest fitness gimmick to be exposed, which has a number of high profile celebrities endorsing its benefits.




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