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Real Life part 2: Train it like you stole it

Jarrah Loh

First it was corporate boxing and all those housewives going to the gym to do some boxercise, then it was fitness kickboxing, I guess it was inevitable that Mixed Martial Arts training would eventually earn the kind of following that it probably always deserved.

But while the masses jump onto the bandwagon to find the miracle cure to their weight gain, real MMA training will be serving up fitness with a harder edge.
While loaded-up, oversized bodybuilders are beginning to take the back seat at the gym, functional fitness is coming into full view.


About me

Hi my name is Adeil, i am a personal trainer at Genesis Fitness Wodonga. For me a work out is about more than staying fit it is about maintaining a clear mind and happy and healthy family life.
I am a busy mum of 3 and i love to play netball every chance i get, i have also been coaching for the last few years.
I am passionate about helping others become fit and healthy and achieve their goals, whether that being fitting in to those jeans, or getting back into a sporting team. everyone has different goals so sessions and programs will be tailored to you.