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Hello! My name is Andrew and I am here to help you achieve your fitness goals. I have grown up around sport and fitness and use this background as a basis for my personal training style. I view a persons health and fitness as a necessity to function in their daily lives.


  • Functional Fitness
  • Personal Training
  • Resistance Training
  • Sport Specific Training
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Weight Loss and Toning


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5 ways to attain and keep a job in the fitness industry

Ben Van Leeuwen

18 months ago I moved up the ranks from being the manager of the facility I was working for, to becoming the owner. 

Along with that came a number of new roles and responsibilities. Although I had interviewed staff in the past, I didn’t have the duty of having the “final call”. Well, now I do and I have interviewed at least a dozen new prospects over the last year and a bit. 

In today’s must read article, my aim is to show you what I am looking for from a potential new trainer, from the moment I speak to them on the phone, when they enter my facility to when they start their role.

If you are a new trainer in the industry or even a veteran looking for a fresh start, I hope you find my key points valuable in the pursuit of your perfect job.