About me

With a true passion for health and fitness, I have always been involved in sports from soccer, cricket, volleyball and kickboxing
As a personal trainer my goals is to help, guide, motivate and reignite your passion, whether it be to lose weight, gain muscle or general fitness I will cater to your needs, together we will step over any obstacles whilst having fun.

looking forward to helping anyone and everyone from all walks of life so please don’t hesitate to come say hello at the gym or contact me via email or phone.

YouTube videos

  • Big day for my boy Tasman Wakelin! Today he is flying to America to compete in one of the biggest races of his BMX career. He is pursing to become the World Champion and then he is off to New Zealand to live with his family. Although, I'm losing one of my most driven and hardest working clients, I just wanted to say that I couldn't be more proud of this guy. Can't believe all the things he has achieved and at only 15 years old! (Mind blown). When I first met Tas he was a skinny 14 year old kid who had big dreams. But what was different about him was that he was extremely serious about his ambitions of becoming a world champ one day. Not everyday has been easy, not every race to the lead up was won, but despite the set backs and countless injuries, today he is 3 times the size of any other 15 year old. He also has the strength, endurance and mindset to conquer anything. Well done bro!!



  • Boxing for Fitness
  • General fitness
  • Group Fitness
  • Muscle Gain
  • Strength Training
  • Weight Loss and Toning


Image source: Heidi Thornton

Operation Packed Lunch

Heidi Thornton

I’m a huge fan of packing my own lunch. I do it every day, besides the rare lunch date. There are three main reasons why I love this practice:

  1. I can control what ingredients go in – I know they’re fresh, nutritious and in appropriate portions for health.
  2. I cater to my own personal tastes.
  3. It saves money.

They’re pretty fantastic reasons, right? If one or all of the above points appeals to you, and you’re contemplating taking you’re your lunch to work or school more, here’s what I do. Hopefully it will provide you with some inspiration! Just beware that this healthy packed lunch operation does require 10 or so minutes of your time either in the morning or the night before – plan ahead.